The value of
an idea lies in
the using of it.Thomas A. Edison

Who We Are

We are an IoT Technology Company

Started in 2016 out of Bangalore. Our core is the development of breakthrough technologies in order to improve and simplify Communication between Devices. Our goal is to improve lifestyle through technology.

The first foray in this direction was the development of Arya which is an AI assistant whose main purpose is to simplify Human life. Starting with the Home, where you spend a great part of your life, it offers control of the Home to operating it based on your usage pattern to helping you with routine chores, Arya is committed to save you time and reduce your Load.

Arya accomplishes this through a hi-tech range of devices from Aikya, which when installed with your Appliances makes them Smart. This enables Arya to control them and suggest usage according to your needs.

Aikya has both Wired and Wireless Smart Home devices. You can choose the type you need based on your Home. The same framework can be applied to Commercial and Hotel Buildings.

Our innovations continually get added to our Products. Watch out for cooler and more useful ‘Things’ from us here…...


Bill Pay

Pay your utility bills through Arya without having to browse another App. Arya reminds you so you never miss a deadline

Energy Reports

Get Reports on how long devices were running and be on top of your energy consumption. Control wastage and help the environment.


Order a maintenance service through Arya directly from the App. Ordering is easy as it is voice-enabled

Voice Control

Talk to Arya like you would to your personal assistant. Ask it to operate any device or change a rule or order a Service without having to type a word.


  • Home Gateway

    The Hub is the min controller that communicates with all the Sensors and Devices in the Smart Home Network. Aikya Hub can control upto 254 devices and has multi-layer data security

  • Car Tracker

    Using GPRS, keep track of your Car’s exact location in Real time. When used with the Aikya Hub at Home, your Home will know when you arrive and leave and it can prepare itself for you

  • Wireless Speaker

    Listen to your favourite tunes from any Source on your Bluetooth or Wi-fi speaker in any room. We have Integrated Internet Radio Stations and Youtube for you

  • IP Camera

    Connect to the IP Cameras from anywhere in the world and keep an ‘Eye’ on your Home and Family for their wellbeing

  • Kid/Family Tracker

    Track Family members individually and get alerts when their routine changes without prior plan. Works with the Aikya Hub

  • Door/Window Open Sensor

    Detect opening of doors and windows, implying a potential intrusion. Get alerts on status changes and set off alarms to prevent the incident. Works with the Aikya Hub

  • Gas Sensor

    Detects gas leaks and alerts you when there is one. Works with Aikya Hub

  • Multi-Sensor

    This sensor with 4 types of sensors in one single device can help manage your entire home with it’s readings.

  • 5Ax4 Switch Module

    Allows control of a switch board with 1 device. Control lights, fan and socket via App. Needs Aikya Hub

  • Alarm Unit

    Designed as a siren, the Alarm unit will alert you whenever there is an incident in your Home

  • Smart Lock

    Yale digital door Locks are the best in the world known for their comfort in using and security features. Aikya is integrated with Yale and you can now lock and unlock your doors through Arya App

  • IR Module

    Control your TV and AC remotely or use the App to change channels and AC temperature. Timer based settings ensures hassle free device operation

  • Geyser Module

    Set your Geyser to turn on at a particular time of the Day or whenever you arrive Home. It’s so convenient you’ll be hooked to this one!

  • RGB Module

    This one’s made for your relaxation. Soothe your senses with light and colour. Total relaxation guaranteed.

  • Smart Plug

    For those appliances that are yet to be connected, use the Smart Plug to power them on or off. Add your Iron, Mosquito repellent, Lamps and many more plug in devices to your Connected Home with ease


Arya not only offers Home control but also offers integration with Home related Apps. Watch out this section for more details. Launch planned for January 2019

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